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We have temporarily erracted a little bamboo thatched prayer shed on 26th January 2000 titled as "Gospel to the lost souls" prayer house on the vision and call of god the almighty Jesus Christ. The payer house was established in the nook and corner of Podili, out skirts, where the residents are especially tribal (Yanadi) belonging to the scheduled tribe and nomadic tribes of India.

After two years we have changed the roof the church to tar - papered frame house, because of the unhealthy physical conditions. Even this temporary prayer shed is not also satisfying the congregation locally. So the need of a permanent building with new construction is at this juncture to be built to met out strength of the congregation. All the expenses for raising the prayershed up to the present stage, funds been met by us personally.
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Jesus Two thousand years ago a man appeared on the scene of history. He was born into the world and grew up into manhood just like every other person, but this man was different to anyone
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